Global Economic Impact of COVID-19

Global Economic Impact of COVID-19 

Till 7th, April 2020, COVID-19 has spread around the planet. Billons of people forced into lockdown to keep social distance. Especially in the centre of Wuhan, people have been at home more than 70 days, cannot go outside, cannot work.

Under the strick control of the GOV, the epidemic has been weel controlled. Since 8th, life began to return to normal, work began to in turn.

The epidemic is  really heavy impact on internaional business, at present, due to the sharp decrease of routes of airlines, most of protection materials cannot be delivered in time, even our general products and samples, such as the cable accessories.

Our esteemed clients, please be patinted, the products are in stock, just need time to arrange the transportion. The continue professional exporting and honest attitude will serve every customers from worldwide.

Finally, do hope all of people keep safe, no gather. OUT WITH MASK.

----FROM Wuhan MZ Electronic Co.,Ltd

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